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Yikes #dcwx (at Woodbridge (Amtrak station))

Lemon panda cotta #foodporn

Beef short ribs ready for pressure cooker #foodporn

My not happy am face. #gpoyw #cotu #Amtrak (at Ashland, Virginia (Amtrak station))

#glenbeck #900am (at L’Enfant Plaza (WMATA station))

Book sale #cotu

Dinner (at Acacia Mid-Town)

I am off work today so it’s Weezies for breakfast (at Weezie’s Kitchen)

Went to NYC to go a meeting.  Finished meeting and went out with Lins. Got completely shit-faced, lost my shoes (Manolo gator slingbacks), an earring, and my work Metro SmartCard.

Lins got in a fight with her BF, almost got arrested, and had a $50 cab ride home.  

#bitchesgetshitdone (at Local West)